La Distributrice de films offers independent filmmakers various services, ranging from consultations to the complete distribution of a film.


At La Distributrice de films, we seek to distribute independent films of all formats and genres, whose approach tangles between exploration and experimentation. We are attracted to works that are innovative both in content and form, with a strong aesthetic bias that presents a new point of view on the cinematographic medium that is constantly reinventing itself.

By distributing your work, La Distributrice de films is committed to contributing to the visibility of your work and promoting it at its fair value in markets, festivals, sales, and television broadcasts, both in Quebec and internationally. Submit your project!

Our editorial line  A wealth through the diversity of interpretation.

Selection criteria

  1. Originality
  2. Technical and creative qualities
  3. Distribution potential
  4. Inclusion
  5. Affinities with our editorial line

Strategic list of festivals

We know how easy it is to get lost in the perilous and complex world of festivals. Based on our experience as a distributor and sales agent, this service offers a strategic list of more than 120 festivals, tailor-made for your film, according to its genre, its distribution potential and its artistic aspirations. In this way, we give you the right tools and the confidence to embark on the magnificent journey that is film distribution.

Consulting service

Through this meeting, we offer an overview of the main actors in the local and international environment (broadcasters, acquisitions, programmers, festivals, etc.), the challenges of thoughtful marketing, a presentation of working tools useful for distribution/promotion and a set of practical tips for organizing self-distribution in the most efficient way possible.

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