About We recognize and discover genuine talent in an industry where being true separates art from simple video.

La Distributrice de films was founded in 2012 by Daniel Karolewicz and Laurent Allaire, a decision motivated by the lack of support, representation and distribution of independent short and feature films in Quebec. Although they have largely contributed to redefining the way we consume, receive and conceive cinema, the multiplicity of digital screens and the proliferation of distribution media have helped the visibility of short and feature films.

We consider that a short film is not an exercise in emancipation or a springboard to the long term, it is neither a ceremonial hazing nor the stamp of a pass, because making a short film is already making movies. La Distributrice de films is therefore committed, through the web, the big screen and the festival circuit, to contribute to the influence of Quebec cinema and filmmakers through a shorter format. Good entendeur, La Distributrice greets you!

THE LOGO The last line of defense for authenticity. We will fight against the fake until the last minute.

La Distributrice's logo is consistent with its mission: to serve films and their influence, to guide them on their virtual and physical journeys, to assist them during takeoff, to welcome them when they land and then to send them back home.

To be of service is to be participatory, making the works stronger with our presence; to become a kind of label affixed as much to the films distributed in cinemas as to the films that our site will make possible to view. Being of service also means providing support, so we need to create a network around our films, starting by linking them together - the focus of our editorial line. In the end, being of service means laying the foundations for a free community of creators and viewers, all aware of the challenges facing the cinematographic image in general and short films in particular.

the team Dedicated and at attention. We see ourselves as enthusiasts of the seventh art, with a mission to keep it alive, despite its eponymous industry.

Serge Abiaad


Aleksandra Krakowiak

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Members of the board of directors

Stephanie Morissette (President)
Philippe Gajan
François Malo
Serge Abiaad
Laurent Allaire
Nicolas Krief