Jules de Niverville

A visual and media artist, Jules has been oscillating between photography and film for 30+ years. Following his Concordia University degree in filmmaking he was soon working in the industry as set decorator and assistant art director in both local and American feature productions, including television series and advertising. His photography has led to numerous publications; exhibited in group shows in Montreal and Brussels during their respective MOIS DE LA PHOTO, as well as solo shows around the world. His career has since shifted to cinematography and editing (with a specialization in dance for camera productions). His first film TWITCH had a successful run on the short film festival circuit with screenings in more than 50 festivals internationally, winning three awards. Jules’ second film PARLE-MOI/TALK TO ME also won multi-awards and garnered accolades in the festival circuit.

HUBRIS is Jules’ third film using dance and circus artistry as a vehicle for storytelling. TWITCH tackled a narrative of conquering fear towards self-acceptance, and the whimsical TALK TO ME featured a contortionist and stilt walker to mirror the sense of never fitting in. HUBRIS moves further into the discussion of identity in examining the role that one’s sense of purpose plays in contributing to dissociative isolation (cult of the individual) and precursor to human-caused environmental degradation. HUBRIS makes reference to the current climate crisis, and seeks to strike a poetic balance in conceptualizing a filmic language aimed at soliciting a visceral response. Co-creating with co-producer Kathy Sperberg has helped propel HUBRIS to be his most ambitious project to date.