Winter Claire

(Claire l'hiver)
Sophie Bédard Marcotte
Winter Claire

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Director: Sophie Bédard Marcotte

Script: Sophie Bédard Marcotte

Cast: Sophie Bédard Marcotte, Alexa-Jeanne Dube, Samuel Brassard, Alex B. Martin, Guillaume Laurin, Micheline Lanctot

DOP: Isabelle Stashchenko

Sound design: Bruno Bélanger

Editing & SFX: Joel Morin-Ben Abdallah

Set design: Alexandra Bégin

Production: Caroline Galipeau, Sophie Bédard-Marcotte

Original: French
Subtitles: English

DCP, 1, 78:1, HD, 5.1 sound

Sophie Bédard Marcotte
Sophie Bédard Marcotte

Sophie is a filmmaker whose intimate approach leaves room for detours and adventures, bypassing the standards of more didactic and conventional cinema. After making a first documentary essay entitled J'AI COMME RECULÉ ON DIRIAT in 2016, she switched to fiction with CLAIRE L'HIVER, which premiered at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in 2017, then at the NYC Independent Film Festival and at the Cineteca Nacionale in Mexico. Her most recent project, L.A. TEA TIME, had its premiere at Visions du Réel in spring 2019.

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