Gabriel Allard Gagnon


Ali, a teenage Inuit hip hop fan, lives in Ivujivik, a small Arctic village where nothing interests him. All of his problems seem to materialize in his father's old snowmobile, constantly breaking down. His only way out ? The famous Rich E. Murdoch, Ali’s favorite rapper.



Canadian Grand Prize
Regard - Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

MELS Award for Best Film
Fantasia, Canada, 2022.

Canadian Film Editors Award
Fantasia, Canada, 2022.

Special mention from the jury for the “Best Direction of a Quebec Short Film”
Long view on the court, Canada, 2022.

Yes Sir! Madame Prize
Full Screen (s) Festival, Canada, 2023.


SODEC's “Quebec en courts” program, France, 2022.

Regard Festival - Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Dawson City Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Fantasia Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Courts d'un soir, Canada, 2022.

DokuFest, Kosovo, 2022.

Verin Short Film Festival, Spain, 2022.

Off-Courts Trouville, France, 2022.

FCVQ - Quebec City Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Atlantic Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Greece, 2022.

Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film Festival, Canada, 2022.

Images en vues, Canada, 2022.

Longues vues sur le court, Canada, 2022.

Un poing c'est court, France, 2023.

Full Screen (s) Festival, Canada, 2023.

Cinema on the Bayou, USA, 2023.

Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema, Canada, 2023.

Quebec Film Days in Italy, Italy, 2023.

Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea, 2023.

Grenoble International Open Air Short Film Festival, France, 2023.


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Director: Gabriel Allard Gagnon

Script Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon, Eric K. Boulianne

DOP: Van Royko

Sound: Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon

Editing:  Alain Loiselle

Music: Jean-Olivier Bégin

Art direction & costumes: Martin Bisaillon

Production: Sandrine Berger

Production assistants: Tomasi Audlaluk, Lucassie Kanarjuaq, Quitsak Tarriasuk

Cast: Jusi Sala, Natar Ungalaaq, Pierre Savu-Massé


Original: Inuktitut
Subtitles: English & French


DCP, ProRes, H264

Gabriel Allard Gagnon
Gabriel Allard Gagnon

After having directed more than forty music videos, director Gabriel Allard Gagnon made his debut in documentary. In 2017, his career takes an important turn. While directing T’es où Youssef ?, his first feature-length documentary, he co-directed and staged himself in T’es où Youssef? - the film diary, his first podcast. Both projects are resounding successes and are celebrated by critics. Since then, he has been making documentaries and continues to develop a strong and innovative signature. In 2018, his film La Bombe explores the emergence of new Quebec nationalist movements. The accompanying podcast tells the whereabouts of the director’s immersion in various far-right groups and makes a strong impression. At the other end of the spectrum, the following year, he signed Apprenti-Autiste with comedian Louis T., a documentary mixing up with stand-up comedy. It was during one of his documentary projects in the Canadian Far North that the director was overwhelmed by his encounter with the Inuit people. Upon his return, he began the development of Sikiitu, his first work of fiction.

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