Hibiscus Season

(La saison des hibiscus)
Éléonore Goldberg


Zaire, January 1993. Rachel's family, an 8-year-old French girl, lives in Kinshasa in a house overlooking the Congo River. A sensual and intimate film about memory, writing and forgetting.



Best Animated Short Film Award
Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema, Canada, 2021.

IRIS - Best Animated Short Film Award
Gala Québec Cinéma, Canada, 2021.

Grand Prize - Fiction
Festival Courts d'un soir, Canada, 2021.


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival/Quebec in Court, France, 2020.

Regard - Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Chicoutimi, Canada.

Palms Springs International Short Film Festival, USA, 2020.

Sopot Film Festival, Poland, 2020.

Off Courts Trouville, France, 2020.

Verin Film Festival, Portugal, 2020.

Equinoxia Film Festival, Colombia, 2020.

Encounters Short Film Festival, UK, 2020.

Nashville Film Festival, USA, 2020.

Hamilton Film Festival, Canada, 2020.

GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation, Canada, 2020.

New Chitose Film Festival, Japan, 2020.

Animated Film Summits, Canada, 2020.

Francophone Short Films in Harlem, USA, 2020.

VIFF Connect, Canada, 2020.

International Film Festival of Ottawa, Canada, 2021.

Cinemagic On the Pulse, Ireland, 2021.

Quebec Film Days in Italy, Italy, 2021.

Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema, Canada, 2021.

Angoulême Francophone Festival, France, 2021.

Courts d'un soir, Canada, 2021.

Cinema on the Bayou, USA, 2022.

Animation First Film Festival, USA, 2024

Hibiscus Season

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Director: Eleonore Goldberg

Script: Eleonore Goldberg

Editing: Eleonore Goldberg & Stéphane Calce

Sound: Stéphane Calce  

Music: Stéphane Calce

Production: Nicolas Dufour Laperrière


Original: French
Subtitles: English


1. 85:1/7.1
DCP, Pro Res

Éléonore Goldberg
Éléonore Goldberg
Quebec, France

Éleonore Goldberg is a Franco-Canadian animated filmmaker, author and cartoonist. She has published comic books in collective collections. In 2014, his animated short film Errance was nominated for the Quebec Film Gala. Éleonore directed Mon Yiddish Papi (2017), with Picbois Productions and the National Film Board of Canada. She illustrated the graphic novel La Demoiselle en blanc (2016, Éditions Mécanique Générale) and wrote the novel Maisons Fauves (2019, Éditions Triptyque). Eleonore has also been teaching drawing, animation and illustration since 2013.

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