By the Sea

Wisam Al Jafari


Struggling with both the occupation and the pandemic, a woman left alone with her son insists on having a semblance of normalcy by baking a cake to mark a special occasion. This film is an original take on a woman’s fight to keep her family together under unusual circumstances and against all odds.


  • Red Sea Film Festival, Saudi Arabia, 2021.
  • Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden, 2022.
  • Palestine Film Festival, France, 2022.
  • Toronto Palestine Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • A look at Palestine, France, 2022.
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • Medfilm, Italy, 2022.
  • Mena Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • Palestine - Filming is existing, Sweden, 2022.
  • Bristol Palestine Film Festival, UK, 2022.
  • Qumra Arab Festival, Australia, 2023.
By the Sea

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Director: Wisam Al Jafari

Script: Wisam Al Jafari

DOP: Ibrahim Handal

Sound: Issam Rishmawi

Editing: Wisam Al Jafari - Ibrahim Handal

Music: Tareq Abu Salameh

Art direction: Sofia Jadallah

Cast: Yasmin Shalaldeh, Ward Al Kurdi, Emile Saba

Production: Wisam Al Jafari - Abdelfattah Abusrour


Originale: arabe, hébreux
Sous-titres: anglais


1.77 / stéréo
DCP, Pro Res, H264

Wisam Al Jafari
Wisam Al Jafari

Wisam Al Jafari is Palestinian filmmaker from Bethlehem. In 2019, he obtained his BFA in filmmaking at Dar al-Kalima University. He directed several narrative and experimental short films including “AMBIENCE “ which won the 3rd Prize at cinefondation - Cannes film festival 2019. He worked as an assistant director, location manager, camera assistant and sound engineer in many short and feature films. Wisam is in development of his first feature film.

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