The Evaporated People

(Les évaporés)
Yann-Manuel Hernandez


On August 1st, 2008, Marc B. was seen for the last time near Dorwin Falls in Rawdon. He vanished without leaving a trace like thousand of others around the world. They are called ‘’Johatsu’’, the Evaporated.


  • Off-courts Trouville, France, 2019.
  • FNC - Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal, Canada, 2019.
  • RVQC - Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Montréal, Canada, 2020.
  • Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2020.
The Evaporated People

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Director: Yann-Manuel Hernandez

Script: Sophie Bedard-Marcotte

Cast: Hubert Proulx, Kseniya Chernyshova, Victor Proulx, Carole Hardy, Rodolfo Hernandez

DOP: Yann-Manuel Hernandez

Sound: Simon Gervais

Editing/Animation: Yann-Manuel Hernandez

Production: Yann-Manuel Hernandez (Dirty Hands)


Originale Français
Sous-titres: anglais, français


HD, 1.85, 5.1
DCP, Pro Res

Yann-Manuel Hernandez
Yann-Manuel Hernandez

Yann-Manuel Hernandez is a director of photography/director/producer based in Montreal, Quebec, known for Desert's cry (2016), The Evaporated (2019), Jungle (2022) and several music videos for artists such as Plants and Animals, SUUNS, Carla Blanc and others. He studied the work of director Philippe Grandrieux during his master's degree at the University of Montreal and directed his first feature film, Desert's cry, through Telefilm Canada's Talents in Focus program. Desert’s cry was presented as the opening film of the New Alchemists section of the 2016 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Since then, Yann has scripted and directed various fiction and contemporary dance (Louise Bédard, Catherine Gaudet, Mélanie Demers...). He made the image for the flagship work of the Leonard Cohen exhibition at the MAC by South African artist Candice Breitz. He is currently working on several short and feature film projects as a director of photography while finishing his first documentary: We are deserters.

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