The Dismantling of Baveuse City

(La déconstruction de Baveuse City)
Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt
The Dismantling of Baveuse City

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Director: Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt

Script: Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt

Interpretor: Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt (Marie-Gold)

DOP: Juliette Lossky

Editing: Marianne Boucher

Music: Marie-Gold

Executive production: COOP Counterfeiters

Production: Charleswood Films


Original: French
Subtitles: French, English


1:33/stereo, 5.1
DCP, Pro Res, H264

Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt
Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt

Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt, also known as rapper Marie-Gold, is a versatile producer and artist. She started out as a beatmaker in the all-female group Bad Nylon, before taking off on a solo career. Following this decision, she unveils one musical project per year, including the dazzling "Welcome to Baveuse City" in 2022. She will produce the music videos "La Presse (Baby Girl)" (featuring Catherine Brunet), "Maison de Dicks" and "Bye-Bye BB". From this universe, the Engineering Physics graduate will also produce a coloring book, a collection of poetry and an introspective short film on the torments and liberations of the artistic creation process.

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