May Your Dominion Expand

(Que votre empire s'étende)
Albéric Aurtenèche


Salomé is received at an older man’s penthouse suite in a luxury hotel. They seem to be playing a strange domination game. But is it a game, really ? And who are those six women conducting a dark ritual in a place devoted to the cult of Lilith ?


  • FNC - Festival du nouveau cinéma 2019, Montréal, Canada.
  • RVQC - Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma, Canada, 2020
  • Plein(s) Écrans, Festival on Facebook, 2021.
May Your Dominion Expand

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Director: Albéric Aurtenèche

Script: Albéric Aurtenèche

Cast: Paige Culley, John Ralston, Caroline Gravel

DOP: Léna Mill-Reuillard

Sound: Stephen de Oliveira

Editing: Elisabeth O. Tremblay

Music: Roger Tellier-Craig

Art direction: Anette Belley

Production: Audrey-Ann Dupuis-Pierre, Sylvain Corbeil (Metafilms)


Original: French, English
Subtitles: English, French


HD, 1:85, 5.1
DCP, Pro Res

Albéric Aurtenèche
Albéric Aurtenèche
Quebec, France

Born in Paris and immigrating to Montreal as a child, Albéric Aurtenèche later studied in both cities in visual art, media art and film. Starting out with an experimental practice, Aurtenèche’s first works were presented at the Festival des cinémas différents in Paris. From 2004 to 2012, he collaborated with a research group that explored evolution in the cinematographic experience through the emergence of portable and interactive screens. His interest in fiction developed in tandem with this research. L’appel du vide (“Facing Emptiness”), his first short that had an overtly narrative form, was pre-sented at various festivals around the world in 2008. After being recognized at various festivals, his film M’ouvrir won the Jutra Award for best short/medium-length film in 2011. Sigismond sans images also won several awards and was selected for the Clermont-Ferrand international competition in 2017. His short films explore a wide range of genres, but the common thread is a ques-tioning of reality. The Monarch is his first full-length feature film.

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