Louis Riel or Heaven Touches The Earth

(Louis Riel ou Le ciel touche la terre)
Matias Meyer
Canada, Mexico
French, English


1885, Saskatchewan, Northwest Canada. Louis Riel, leader of the Métis people of Canada, a mixed group of indigenous and European ancestry, is sentenced to death, found guilty of high treason for having taken up arms against the Canadian government. Based on his prison diaries, we accompany him in his daily life, while he prepares for death. A portrait that makes us discover the political struggle, sacrifice and poetry of a fascinating character who has become a founding myth of Canada.



FICUNAM, Mexico, 2024

Louis Riel or Heaven Touches The Earth

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Directed by: Matias Meyer

Script: Matias Meyer, Alexandre Laferriere

Cast: Matias Meyer, Marc Antoun, Nicolas Lebrun, Nicolas Lebrun, Julian Francoeur, Gaetano Frangella, Alina Meyer

DOP: François Herquel

Sound: Federico Schmucler

Editing: Matias Meyer

Production: Matias Meyer


Original: French, English
Subtitles: French, English, Spanish


ProRes, DCP

Matias Meyer
Matias Meyer
Canada, Mexico

Matías Meyer studied film direction at the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC) in Mexico City. Crafting captivating films that evoke unfamiliar geographies and existentially charged engagements with duration and time, the award-winning filmmaker has developed a personal vernacular that speaks compellingly beyond generic convention and the present moment. He offers refracted but precise visions, that engage vigorously with global film traditions, eschewing exoticism for cinematic formulations of the ineffable. His feature films display a familiar signature and a compelling thematic center, expressing the vastness of solitude, and the epiphanies and purifications that occur on journeys in search of sanctuary, rapture or release. His films have been programmed and awarded in festivals like Toronto, Rotterdam, Locarno and Morelia.

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