Marie Valade
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A young woman drawn in ink is forced to deal with paper breasts appearing on her chest. She must quickly come to terms with these new strange things. Her breasts lead her into increasingly unusual situations that reveal her deepest anxieties: the fear of becoming a woman, the apprehension of female rivalries, the taming of male desire, the worries related to becoming a mother and finally the fear of cancer and a loss of bearings. Boobs is both a comic and dark journey that explores a woman's love-hate relationship for her body and her femininity. It highlights the powerful symbolism that breasts evoke for everyone.


  • Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France, 2021.
  • Budapest Pride, Hungary, 2021.
  • Anibar, Kosovo, 2021.
  • Animaphix, Italy, 2021.
  • Imaginaria Animated Film Festival, Italy, 2021.
  • Encounters Film Festival, UK, 2021.
  • Off-courts Trouville, France, 2021.
  • TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2021.
  • Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2021.
  • Calgary International Film Festival, Canada, 2021.
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada, 2021.
  • Edmonton International Film Festival, Canada, 2021.
  • FNC - Festival du nouveau cinéma, Canada, 2021.
  • Uppsala short film festival, Sweden, 2021.
  • FICFA, Canada, 2021.
  • Cambridge Film Festival, UK, 2021.
  • Beijing International Short Film Festival, China, 2021.
  • Animateka, Slovenia, 2021.
  • Longue vue sur le court, Canada, 2021.
  • Conofest, Spain, 2021.
  • Festival Animation First, USA, 2022.
  • Kingston Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • Animac, Spain, 2022.
  • Glasgow Film Festival, Scotland, 2022.
  • Regard - Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • MAI MUTE. Cinema and Feminist Encounters, Italy, 2022.
  • Aspen Short Film Festival, USA, 2022.
  • FilmFest Dresden, Germany, 2022.
  • Dawson City Film Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 2022.
  • Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 2022.
  • Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea, 2022.
  • Les filministes, Canada, 2022.
  • Les sommets du cinéma d'animation (Montreal Animated Film Summits), Canada, 2022.
  • In the Palace Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2022.
  • Côté Courts Pantin, France, 2022.
  • Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, Canada, 2022.
  • Palm Springs ShortFest, USA, 2022.
  • Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble, France, 2022.
  • Festival Résistances, France, 2022.
  • La Boca Erotica, Germany, 2022.
  • Courts d'un soir, Canada, 2022.
  • Festival du film francophone d'Angoulême, France, 2022.
  • Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec, Canada, 2022.
  • Sydney Underground Film Festival, Australia, 2022.
  • Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Greece, 2022.
  • Imagine Science Film Festival, USA, 2022.
  • SPASM, Canada, 2022.
  • Short Com Film Festival, UK, 2022.
  • Festival du Film au Féminin en Belgique, Belgium, 2022.
  • Festival Pink Screens, Belgium, 2022.
  • Exground Film Festival, Germany, 2022.
  • Animage, International Animated Film Festival of Pernambuco, Brazil, 2022.
  • Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine, 2022.
  • Courts mais Trash, Belgium, 2022.
  • Cinema on the Bayou, USA, 2023.

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Director: Marie Valade

Script: Marie Valade

Cast: Marie Valade; Gabriel Damant-Sirois; Jeanne Valade; Celestin Camillien Gravel

Animation: Marie Valade; Vincent Ethier; Cielle Graham; Bogdan Anifrani; Mathieu Girard; Eleonore Mantelle

Sound: Sacha Ratcliffe

Editing: Paul Tom, Marie Valade

Music: Sacha Ratcliffe  

Production: Marie Valade


Without dialogue


16/9/5.1 or stereo
DCP, Pro Res, H264

Marie Valade
Marie Valade

Marie Valade is a Quebec animation filmmaker and co-director of Festival Stop Motion Montréal. In 2010 she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Animation at Concordia University and participated in the NFB's Hothouse apprenticeship program. Since then, she has collaborated on short and feature films and cultural mediation projects. Fascinated by traditional frame by frame animation techniques including pixillation, object and puppet animation and 2D animation, she likes to play with the boundaries between narrative storytelling and experimental creation. Boobs (Lolos, 2021) is her most recent project. Animated on paper with the rotoscoping technique, this short film explores the iconography of breasts.

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