Second Generation

Miryam Charles
Creole, English


A few days before her wedding, a young woman learns that her fiancé is accused of sexual assault. She goes to Haiti to confront the alleged victim.


  • Edinburgh international film festival 2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • TIFF - Toronto international film festival 2019, Toronto, Canada.
  • FNC - Festival du nouveau cinéma 2019, Montréal, Canada.
  • Hamilton Film Festival 2019, Hamilton, Canada.
  • Cinema on the Bayou, USA, 2020
  • RVQC - Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma, Canada, 2020
  • Spira, Canada, 2020
  • Off Courts Trouville, France, 2020.
  • Equinoxia Film Festival, Colombia, 2020.
Second Generation

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Director: Miryam Charles

Script: Miryam Charles

Cast: Thuy Hang Duong, Eliza Bonnel

DOP: Miryam Charles

Sound: Myriam Charles

Editing: Miryam Charles

Sound mixing: Miryam Charles

Art direction and costumes: Miryam Charles

Production: Miryam Charles


Original: English and Creole


16mm, 1:85, Stereo
DCP, Pro Res

Miryam Charles
Miryam Charles

From Haitian descent, Miryam Charles is a director, producer and cinematographer living in Montreal. She has produced several short and feature films. She is also the director of several short films. Her films have been presented in various festivals in Quebec and internationally. She has just completed the direction of her first feature film This House. Her work explores themes related to exile and the legacies of colonization.

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