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Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian
No dialogue
Forward Back

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Director: Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian

Script: Mistaya Hemingway, Erin Flynn, Isabelle Poirier

Performers: Erin Flynn, Mistaya Hemingway, Isabelle Poirier, Isabelle Poirier, Bernard Martin, Bernard Martin, Lucie Gregoire, Raul Human, Diego Cervantes, James Viveiros, James Viveiros, Juliette Bégin

DOP: Simran Dewan

Sound: Stéphane Barsalou

Editing: Claude Lemay

Sound design: Sacha Ratcliffe

Music: Kaveh Nabatian

Production: Pixel Project


Original without dialogue


16:9/Stereo, 5.1, 7.1
35mm, DCP, Pro Res

Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian
Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian

Mistaya Hemingway is a freelance dancer, filmmaker and choreographer living in Montreal. Kaveh is an Iranian-Canadian artist whose evocative filmmaking has brought to life stories from the margins of society and across the world.

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