Gigi Ben Artzi


Ewa is a teenage girl who suffers from a condition of constatnt nose bleed. She deals with the regular day to day growing up issues such as her relationships with her family, friends and boyfriend. On top of this she is soul searching for a meaning to life.


  • Kiev International Film Festival - Kiev, Ukraine 2016
  • Tenerife International Film Festival - Tenerife, Spain 2016
  • Encounters Short Film Festival - Bristol, UK 2016
  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival - Sapporo, Japan 2016
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma - Montreal, Canada, 2016
  • San Francisco International Short Film Festival - USA, 2016
  • American Film Institute (AFI) - USA, 2016
  • Interfilm - Berlin, Germany 2016
  • Bogota Short film Festival - Columbia, 2016
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival - Norway, 2017
  • Mecal Short Film Festival - Barcelona, Spain, 2017
  • NexT International Film Festival - Bucharest, Romania, 2017
  • Tabor Film Festival - Desinić, Croatia, 2017
  • Marfa Film Festival - Marfa, USA, 2017

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Director: Gigi Ben Artzi

Script: Gigi Ben Artzi, Roy Ben Artzi, Adam Horowitz
Cast: Alihah Galyautdinova Gil Abramov
DOP: Gigi Ben Artzi
Sound design: Rotem Dror
Editing: Indi Hait
Art direction: Vova Olkhov
Original music: Yonatan Gat
Production: Roy Ben Artzi Pavel Buryak

Original: Russian
Subtitles: English

1:85, 2K, 5.1 sound
DCP, Pro Res, H264

Gigi Ben Artzi
Gigi Ben Artzi
United States

Gigi Ben Artzi is a director based in New York. He started out as a fashion photographer and in 2014 made his first documentary called “Downtown Diva's.” Following the success of the film on social networks and in major magazines, he continued to write and direct his first short film, called E.W.A.

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